STARS Celebration 2013

STARS Celebration is an annual gathering of the Corps that is a call to action to broaden participation in computing by advancing students and helping them in advancing others. The theme for 2013, Empowering 21st Century Tech Leaders, aimed to promote the creativity within students while encompassing a sense of community and celebrating prior years’ successes. Highlighting student cohorts from over 42 institutions, Celebration strives to engage new participants and increase interest in student-led regional engagement.. Through our dedication to recruiting, retaining, and engaging the brightest minds in computing, we are empowering a larger, more diverse national computing workforce for the 21st century.


Poster: Running Camps
poster submission 98 – camps READY Final

Poster: Using LinkedIn
poster submission 99 – linkedin READY Final

Poster: Working with K-12
poster submission 100 – k-12 READY Final

Poster: WISE
poster submission 101 – wise READY Final

Poster: Prepping for Success
poster submission 102 – success READY Final

Poster: Working with TSA
poster submission 93 – tsa READY Final

Poster: Using Social Media
poster submission 94 – socialmedia READY Final

Poster: Tech Days
poster submission 96 – STARS_TECHdays Final

Poster: Building Business Partnerships
poster submission 97 – business partner READY Final

Presentation: Tech Days (Allison Loehr, Matt Russi)

Presentation: Social Media Strategy (Ashley Schaffer, Ebe Randeree)

Presentation: LinkedIn (Rachael Deja, Bryan Strawter)

Presentation: Running Successful Camps (John Nguyen, Nancy Moyers)
Presentation: Camps

Presentation: Building Business Partnerships (Desiree Fraser, Ebe Randeree)
Presentation_Building Business Partners

Presentation: K-12 Portfolio (Nancy Moyers, Ashley Augustine)
Presentation: K-12 Portfolio