What is our mission?

To broaden participation in computing through best practices and community building.

The mission of the STARS (Students & Technology in Academia, Research & Service) Alliance is to increase the participation of women, under-represented minorities, and persons with disabilities in IT/computing disciplines through multi-faceted interventions.

At FSU, these interventions focus on projects and programs that start at elementary school and progress through graduate school and on to IT/computing careers.

The Alliance is organized as a national constellation of regional stars that include research universities, minority and women’s universities and colleges, K-12 educators, industry, professional organizations, and community groups. Stars implement “best practices” interventions with an integrated focus to:

  • Educate and bring awareness to K-12 about IT/computing education programs, careers, service, etc.
  • Recruit and retain under-represented populations in post-secondary computing programs and increase awareness of IT/computing disciplines and careers. Bridge student readiness for IT/computing and increase the number of undergraduates who enter IT/computing graduate school or the workforce.
  • Sustain and institutionalize effective BPC practices at alliance institutions.
  • Disseminate and increase national awareness of effective BPC practices.

On the National Level

STARS Computing Corps is a national community of regional partnerships with a mission  to grow a  diverse  21st century technology workforce.  The Corps is a framework for integrating engagement into computing departments for recruitment and graduation of undergraduate and graduate students.

Utilizing our innovative STARS Leadership Corps program, a curricular or co-curricular service-learning program for college students, Corps students collaborate with regional K-12 schools, industry, and community partners to inform, engage, and prepare upcoming students for entry and success in college computing programs. Through student-led regional engagement that includes peer mentoring, team projects, and research experiences, STARS Computing Corps students are emerging as the future innovators of tomorrow.

This past year (19-20), STARS conducted 109 activities, devoting over 235  hours of actual event time to reach 8077 students.